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What’s your favorite Back-to-School memory?

Back-to-School is an exciting time.
Back-to-School is more than just a series of important events on our calendars, it’s where never-to-be-forgotten memories are made.
With this in mind, I asked three wonderful friends of FSD to share one of their favorite Back-to-School memories.

Mary Anne Ackerman 
retired FSD Superintendent (2017)

One of my favorite Back-to-School memories just happens to be my very last one!
Year after year, it seemed that outside of our schools we could not escape significant traffic congestion before and after school.
And every FSD parent knows exactly what I’m talking about!
Well, as I entered my last year as superintendent in 2017 prior to my retirement, I was bound and determined to reduce our before-and-after school traffic problem once and for all.
Unfortunately, on the first morning of school that fall, we experienced a torrential downpour. 

I came in from directing traffic totally soaked – and when I went back outside later after school, my clothes were still wet!
It wasn’t pleasant to say the least.
However, I continued my commitment to directing traffic before-and-after school for the entire school year and what a blessing it turned out to be!
I met so many fantastic FSD parents and grandparents I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise.

Beth Emmons
former 16-year Kindergarten teacher in FSD,
now Early Learning Specialist at Wickson District Library

It was the first day of school in September 1997.

I was a sophomore in high school and super unhappy that my parents were making me ride the bus to school because I thought I was too old to ride the bus.

I begrudgingly made my way on to the full bus with no empty seats. I found a quiet boy sitting alone and asked if I could sit with him.

He said, “yes” and we chatted on the way to school.

The next day, it was the same thing. I asked. He said, “yes”. After a week of that routine, he finally told me that I didn’t need to ask anymore.

Little did we know that because of the school bus, we built a friendship which later developed into more.

That quiet boy from the bus and I have now been married for 18 years with two beautiful girls.

Today, we hang a school bus ornament on our Christmas tree every year to remind us how a school bus ride 25 years ago brought us together.

Ruthie Weiss
1968 FHS graduate

I don’t have a specific memory to share – other than to say that in those years before social media and easier ways to communicate with one another – going Back-to-School in the fall meant you could see all of your friends again.
Because most of the students didn’t have cars then either, I really looked forward to high school starting up. It brought all of us back together.
It’s almost hard to believe today, but back then girls had to wear dresses or skirts. Anything resembling blue jeans or pants were totally against the school rules.

And don’t even think about signing up for a sports team if you were a girl.
In 1968 FHS only offered band, cheerleading, forensics, and the class play as extra-curricular choices for girls.
So, I enjoyed being a baton-twirling drum majorette in our marching band.
One year, a few school friends and I went to a drum major summer camp at Alma College and we learned how to twirl fire batons.
That was pretty cool.
When we got back to school, our new fire baton twirling skills were a big hit.
I’ll never forget the times we wore special fire-retardant outfits and twirled fire batons during a marching band performance at halftime at a Friday night football game.

Thank you, Mary Anne, Beth, and Ruthie, for sharing one of your Back-to-School memories!
I never would’ve ever guessed the memories you’d share with us would include a monsoon, a bit of romance, and wildly spinning flames.
These were three amazing memories!
And just as it should be, my recent “safety check” bus ride on Tuesday was uneventful.
No surprise experiences here.

I enjoyed riding along with driver Ms. Sandy as we covered her entire route together.
Along with Ms. Sandy and our other drivers, I’m pleased the students riding our school busses to and from school are in caring and capable hands.
Now, give or take a few construction related hiccups, it’s all systems go in FSD for Back-to-School.
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As always, thanks for all you do to support our Eagles.
I hope your Back-to-School memories this year will be great ones!

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