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I wasn’t kidding.

I need a math wiz to help me figure this all out.

Here’s the problem.

We have four wonderful people who will be retiring from our district in a few weeks.

These four have a total of more than 120 years of service to our students, families, staff, and community.

How can I ever hope to calculate all of the

lessons planned,
forms completed,
meals prepared,
milk cartons opened,
scholarships processed,
skills advanced,
listening ear moments,
and everything else –
these four individuals have contributed to our district?

Like I said, where’s Einstein when I need him?

No doubt he’d tell me the positive impact these four retirees have had within our school family is incalculable – so I’ll just get on with spotlighting them for you the best way I can.

Well, it’s amazing when you think about it.

The four retirees featured in today’s email were with our district supporting these fantastic young women and men for the entire time they (the grads) were with us, and for most of them, this was K-12.

Sue Tackabury

Sue began working in our food service department in 1988. According to our Food Service Director Cindy Hegenauer, Sue is a great baker and a master of desserts. (Yum!) To go along with her food prep and baking skills, Sue also ran the serving line and cash register, a position she fully enjoyed, as she got to interact with every student who came her way.

Sue did more than serve food, she gave of herself. And our students responded in a big way.

“Being with kids and school people keeps you young,” Sue said. “I’ll miss them. But my husband Jim and I have four busy grandkids and a place up in the U.P. For once, I’m so looking forward to seeing the fall colors up there.”

We’ll miss you too, Sue! Enjoy a non-school Autumn!

Kim Radina

Kim is shown here proudly wearing her yellow U of M shirt and standing next to our school counselor Kate Conzelmann. (I’m sure Kate is holding Kim tight because she doesn’t want Kim to retire!)

Kim was hired as the guidance office secretary in 2002 – and with every year – she has taken on more and more responsibilities, including coordinating Honors Night, helping students get their scholarship applications in, and serving as the advisor to the FHS National Honor Society.

“I’ve loved working with Kim my entire four years here,” said Kate. “While I help students with career and college pathways, course selection, scheduling, and personal issues, Kim keeps everything on track. She’s so organized. And she’s become one of my closest friends as well.”

Kim has her artistic side, especially with clay. But she said she doesn’t have any projects in mind right now, saying, “My husband and I are just looking forward to more time at our cottage at Higgins Lake. I know I’ll miss the students, though. They’ve always been great, and I only hope I’ve given them a boost in their future endeavors.”

Oh, you have Kim! (The Honors Night photo below is proof!)

About 60 seniors received 125 scholarships with a total value of $163,500.

Wendy Suhr

EFR Principal Christine Fry is to the left of Wendy in this photo. She’d be the first to tell you that she also doesn’t want Wendy to leave. Wendy’s an excellent 5th Grade Teacher!

Wendy didn’t start teaching full-time right away in FSD (2001) when she and her husband Carl moved here from Colorado. But buying a home near Mary Anne Ackerman quickly had her talked into substitute teaching for us, as you can well imagine. (In fact, Mary Anne became Wendy’s principal when she started teaching 5th grade and special education.)

When EFR became a 5-8 grade school, Wendy moved and added the coordination of EFR’s annual overnight trip to the SISD’s Hartley Outdoor Education Center for all of the 5th graders.

“This is a super team-building experience for the kids,” Wendy said. “The 5th graders are able to grow together as an entire group while learning pioneering skills in fun, engaging activities. It’s incredible!”

The Suhr’s two boys are FHS grads and Wendy said she’ll always appreciate how Frankenmuth rallies to care about kids.

“But I’ve got to admit,” she conceded. “Carl and I are really looking forward to doing the snowbird thing!”

We don’t blame you, Wendy! (Take us with you!)

Cindy Hegenauer

When my Aunt Cindy was hired as the FSD Food Service Director in 1995, I was a young teacher at Swartz Creek Middle School.

Fifteen years before coming to us, she was the Food Production Manager for the Bavarian Inn – learning much from Dorothy Zehnder.

Although Cindy (and her husband Randy) have been in the hospitality field for more than a half-century, their passion for serving others with good food sprinkled with kindness has never diminished.

“This week’s annual cookout breakfast for seniors and their traditional t-shirt signing was bitter-sweet for me,” said Cindy. “I’ve loved getting to know all of the kids, and I’ll miss this.”

Former FSD Superintendent Adele Martin recalled this about Cindy.

“Cindy was so much more than a food service director.

She was a crucial piece of our district’s culture. She made a positive impact in every building and modeled the value of interacting and connecting with students daily for her food service team. She wanted every student to know they were important.

Cindy never just tucked herself away in the cafeteria, either. She attended games, concerts, and plays. She was everywhere!

Cindy truly embodies what it means to be an Eagle.”

Thanks for sharing this, Adele!

With Cindy’s 12 active grandchildren and three grandchildren, she has a quick one-word answer whenever she’s asked about what she wants to do when she retires – “Nothing!”

Well, good luck with this, Aunt Cindy!

We wish you the best with whatever you decide to do … or not do!

Commencement is Thursday, May 30, at 8 pm on the FHS Football Field (weather permitting), with the lock-in Senior Party in the EFR cafeteria from 11:59 pm to 5:30 am

Along with the contributions of our four retirees, YOUR support for our Class of 2024 helped make it the great group of grads it is, too!

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