Board of Education Regular Meeting, Monday, April 15th at 6:00 pm in the Media Center at E.F. Rittmueller. Read the agenda here.

Wishing every Eagle good luck this fall.

The excitement is growing as we count the days down to Tuesday, September 6, our first day of classes

I wish our students, families, and staff all the luck in the world in our new school year.

Of course, in Frankenmuth, it’s not really our way to sit back and rely on luck, is it?


In our community, we choose to actively shape our luck rather than idly wait for luck to shape us.

And every day I’m encouraged by seeing the proof this longtime tradition is alive and well.

So, it makes me proud to report to you our administrators, teachers, coaches, and our entire school staff have been diligently PREPARING to make sure our district’s programs offer high-caring and high-quality learning OPPORTUNITIES for every student at every level this school year.

I know we wouldn’t want it any other way.

There are four more individuals who are helping FSD get off to a great start, too!

Previously, I’ve introduced you to Wendy Yagiela, our district’s administrative assistant to the superintendent.

Wendy’s skills and cheerful manner have been a blessing to our main office since she started a couple of months ago, and now she has been joined by Toni Henry, our new Community Education Director.

In this photo, Toni is on the left, Wendy the right.

Toni has a passion for music and the performing arts.

She is the worship pastor at Vertical Life Church, where her husband is the lead pastor.

Not only is Toni a perfect fit to guide our Community Education program, she also has two middle and two high school children at home who have just become Eagles!

With her background and true servant’s heart, I know you’ll enjoy meeting Toni when you have the chance.

I’m grateful Mike Fresoger will not officially retire until October.

He’s been a major contributor to this fall’s Back-to-School preparations.

Mike began working at FHS as a freshman in 1978.

He returned, as an adult, in 1988 and has worked 36 years in Building Maintenance for the Frankenmuth School District, playing a big part in several previous renovations and changes.

With retirement right around the corner, Mike is looking forward to golfing and spending time with his grandson as well as his new granddaughter who will be born soon.

Mike will retire from his position of Maintenance Supervisor on his birthday, October 31,, and is eager to celebrate with his wife on their first cruise to the Caribbean.

Kevon Schmitzer, our new Maintenance and Transportation Supervisor, is also grateful Mike hasn’t retired yet!

Mike is helping him learn the ropes in FSD.

Kevin Schmitzer has two decades of experience in serving schools – and he’s appreciative of the knowledge and skills he’s acquired.

He began at Kingston, then spent 16 years at St. Charles, and for the last 14 years, Kevin has also served FSD as well by working as a part-time bus mechanic.

Kevin has two daughters and enjoys spending time with his two grandchildren (with one more on the way).

Congrats to Kevin on his new position!

Here are few Back-to-School updates to go along with the links below.


  • Reminder: Senior Transcript requests through Parchment/CommonApp for the Class of 2023 (fall 2023 admissions) will be processed in the first weeks of school, after Senior Advising meeting with Mrs. Conzelmann.
  • Students should ignore any lunch info printed on your student schedule; find accurate and updated lunch times in the Back-to-School Newsletter on page 5.

List Elementary:

Please remember parents –

  • our main school entrance is for Y5 – 4th grade students and families
  • to the left of the main school entrance is the direct entrance to the Early Childhood wing, preschool, and daycare.

Back-to-School Info links:

On behalf of the FSD school family – thanks for all you do to shape the “good luck” our students and staff will benefit from this fall!

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