Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

Your feedback is important.

Our district’s school board, administrative leadership team, and professional staff are actively engaged in thoughtfully and intentionally guiding our district from great to exceptional.

And there’s a key element to the success of our effort I don’t want to miss. 


While our district’s written strategic plan, a legacy of high standards, specialized training, and the selective incorporation of new instructional practices and learning opportunities fuel our progress, feedback from our community helps keeps our steering wheel pointed in the right direction.

Make no mistake.

Listening to feedback is where growth occurs.

Feedback is also where the possibilities to strengthen our shared commitment to provide the best education for the children of Frankenmuth are found, too.

I think this visual from Roberto Ferraro drives the point home well.

Because feedback is so important, I’d like to ask for your feedback in today’s email.

Although I’m eager to get back to covering the wonderful achievements and experiences of our students and staff in next week’s email, I’d like to use  today’s email to invite YOU to participate in the online survey shown below. 

Because the focus of the survey is about my leadership as FSD’s Superintendent, I’m excited about the opportunity to gain and grow from your perspective and insights.

If you choose to participate in the survey (and I hope you will!), the professional firm who has been contracted by the school board to conduct the survey will compile all of the feedback with 100% confidentiality. 

•  You can use any web-connected phone or computer to take the survey.
•  Your feedback is 100% confidential.
•  Survey results will only be shared with me anonymously by group and category. 
•  Survey results will be studied and used for my professional growth and goal-setting.

The PASSWORD to access the survey is: Hegenauer2024

The deadline for submitting surveys is:  Friday, January 26

And yes, feel free to forward this email to a friend or family member you think might want to participate in the survey.

In closing –

Thank you for taking a few minutes to take the survey if you can.

Thanks for all you do for our fantastic students and staff, too!

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